The main purpose of the festival; cultural assets created by the ancient communities lived in Anatolia is the wealth and the common heritage of Turkey and all humanity. With the belief that its protection is also our common responsibility, we will highlight the value of our neglected, abandoned and disappearing cultural assets. Contributing to the protection, awareness and visibility of historical buildings, HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS adopting the mission of transferring them to future generations, is settling in Bodrum, which has hosted countless cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. HERITAGE FESTIVAL will share the natural beauty and unique nature of Bodrum with the whole world under the roof of HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS, while creating a universal culture and art environment with the activities to be held in the historical and ancient corners of Bodrum.

In addition, Heritage events that will take place with the participation of many valuable names that have gained the appreciation of people in the international arena and in the sector will enable valuable discussions, exchanges of ideas and good moments that will be remembered for a long time. Visitors from Bodrum and the surrounding regions, international press and media organizations, tourists from all over the world, gourmets in pursuit of traditional tastes and delicacies; in short, in company with all cultural enthusiasts HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS will shed light on our country’s heritage and create a very strong festival atmosphere in Bodrum with businessmen, public institutions, people, tradesmen and all stakeholders.