The Journey From Past to the Future Begins Here!

HerItage FestIval


About Heritage Festival Halikarnassos

The only brand of its industries in Turkey helping the conservation of cultural heritage, Heritage Fair and Conference is now to take place in Bodrum, Turkey.

Having hosted numerous cultures and civilizations for thousands of years and welcomed many different cultures from the ancient period to the modern period in its unique nature, Bodrum will take a journey to the past with HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNOSSOS and give a new refreshing to our rich cultural heritage.

Festival Content

Heritage Bazaar

Heritage Bazaar

The most exclusive products by famous artists, designers and craftsmen who are inspired by the history and cultural heritage will be in the festival market!
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Feast Square

Feast Square

The gurus of Turkish cuisine will meet the visitors in the "Feast Square" with talks and workshops events, while the most delicious dishes and recipes will be showcased.
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Heritage Odeon

Heritage Odeon

Entertaining conversations, tales never heard before, fascinating music and theatre plays… All and more awaits you at the Heritage Odeon event area!
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Distinguished Events by Heritage Festival Halikarnassos

Heritage Music

Heritage Music

Heritage Music, where world-famous musicians and bands will take the stage, will build on the great dynamism of the festival, giving many memorable moments to the audience.
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Mapping Show

Mapping Show

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Halicarnassus Mausoleum will be animated in three dimensions with the "mapping" show, revealing the lost values of ancient times.
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Heritage Art

Heritage Art

Artworks, in which cultural heritage qualities are examined and processed, are going to be reinterpreted by designers and artists under the direction of an experienced curator.
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What to Expect from the Festival?

Art, craft, conversation, catering, entertainment, tales & stories, theatre, concerts and more! With a program full of events, “a world” full of culture enthusiast meets “another world” full of culture and history and give life to cultural heritage at HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS!

Organized with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage and introducing the historical beauties of Bodrum to the whole world, which adds value to our culture with its past, the festival will be an organization that Bodrum will present as a gift to the international cultural heritage with all its features.

While organizing the HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS, we bring you many valuable artists, intellectuals, gourmets and masters in dozens of colourful events. All and more await you, cultural heritage enthusiasts, at HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNASSOS in Bodrum.

Accompany us on this great journey!

Colourful Festival Content
at the Heritage Odeon

In a wide range of colourful events to be organized within the scope of Heritage Odeon, everyone will easily find an event for their liking in the Heritage Festival Halikarnassos! In addition to 6 main festival events; heritage talks, theatre performances, fairy tales, cultural tours and more...

With its intense and busy festival programme, Heritage Festival Halikarnassos will offer a unique festival experience to all visitors in Bodrum.







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Heritage Bazaar

All professional groups and branches, from craftsmen to handicraft masters, from antique goods sellers to ceramic workers, which will revive our cultural heritage values and remind the 'value' of the past are in this market!


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    Heritage Talks

    Heritage Talks will take the audience to a completely dierent dimension, which will take place in the magnificent buildings of Bodrum that are unique in the world, such as the Ancient Theatre, one of the most important historical monuments from Halicarnassus, Bodrum Castle, which was built in 1522, and the Aya Nikola Church built in the name of St. Nicholas in 1780. The subject of what the excavated remains tell us will be discussed with famous historians, archaeologists, architects and restorers in the Heritage Talks events to be held at Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village, which hosts various art events, and Zai Yasam, which has made a name for itself with its new generation library, the world history will be clearly revealed in Bodrum, in order to keep alive our forgotten historical values.

    Heritage Meets Art: Exhibitions, Workshops and Documentary Screenings

    The historical heritage of Bodrum will be reflected artistically to the festival visitors with prestigious
    exhibitions to be held in the city centre or in other appropriate cultural venues in the surrounding area.

    Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village and I. Artemisia and Mausolos Exhibition Halls, which have been hosting
    significant art events for a long time, will be the meeting point where many events to be organized as part of the festival will take place.

    Its Culture in Theatre Its Heritage in Its Words

    Witness history with theater plays displaying the best examples of cultural heritage! Get the chance to watch theater plays, which received great attention from the audience and received full marks from the critics, within the scope of the festival.

    Best Examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage:
    Tales & Stories

    The legendary history of the Aegean will be conveyed to the festival visitors with tale narratives which are
    now on the rise again within the scope of intangible cultural heritage.

    Cultural Tours

    Visit the historical places of Bodrum with the most interesting guides, consisting of academics and experts! Witness the revival of the forgotten moments of history. Among the cultural tour routes; Pedasa Ancient City with its unique historical texture and walking tracks accompanying this texture, “Bodrum Leleg Walk”, one of the most important trade routes of the 2400-year-old Carian Civilization, will allow you to explore not only the history of Bodrum but also its unique beauty on foot!