Main Event Area – Myndos Gate

Cultural Heritage

Revives in Bodrum

HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNOSSOS, to be held with the participation of many international valuable figures such as artists, craftsmen, intellectuals and thought leaders worldwide, will be organized with the company of Bodrum’s locals, visitors from neighbouring cities, national / international press and media organizations, local / foreign tourists and those in pursuit of traditional tastes. In short, HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNOSSOS will shed light on our cultural heritage together with all cultural heritage enthusiasts.

HERITAGE FESTIVAL HALIKARNOSSOS to take place in 2021 on October 7-12 is a unique cultural festival in Bodrum with its exhibitions, heritage talks activities, story-telling events, kite days, concerts, traditional foods that we have been tasting for centuries and many other colourful events that will give you such festival experience you’ve never had before!